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1.      Conditions of sale

1.1. Conditions of sale are valid for the rights and obligations that are created through trading of goods between the clients of the marmenoutlet.ee online shop (from now on called Client) and the owner Seitskaar OÜ of marmenoutlet.ee (from now on called marmenoutlet.ee).

1.2. Conditions of sale cannot contradict the legislation by the Republic of Estonia. In case of disagreement or lack of information the legislations are added to the conditions.

1.3. In addition to the conditions of sale the relations between the Client and marmenoutlet.ee are regulated by the pricelist of marmenoutlet.ee and the first-rate customs that have developed.

1.4. Marmenoutlet.ee has the right to modify the conditions and the pricelist for the purpose of further development, to increase effectiveness and competitiveness and to supplement the assortment of goods and services or for the purpose of reorganising. The amendments in the conditions or the pricelist come into effect as they are published on the web-site www. marmenoutlet.ee. If a Client made an order before the amendments came into effect, then the conditions at the time of the order apply, except if the law or the conditions state otherwise.

1.5. Trade between the Client and marmenoutlet.ee through www.marmenoutlet.ee has to be done on the conditions of this document. Ordering with prepayment from the online shop marmenoutlet.ee, the Client confirms that they have familiarised and agreed with the conditions of sale.


2.      Pricelist

2.1. The price of goods sold on marmenoutlet.ee online shop are in Euros.

2.2 The prices include value added tax (VAT) as the owner Seitskaar OÜ is registered as a firm that has to pay the VAT in Estonian Tax and Custom Board.

2.3. The transport prices are automatically included on a given that one order is meant for single address. In case, the Client wishes to transport the goods to different addresses, other order.

2.4 If the companies Smartpost or Post24 are chosen to transport the goods, the Client pays for the service depending on the instructions of the transport company when the good is received.

2.5. Marmenoutlet.ee has the right to adjust the prices. If a Client orders before the adjustment, then the price at the time of the trade which is manifested on the bill will apply


3.      Ordering and paying for the good

3.1 After sending the order marmenoutlet.ee will confirm if the good is in the storage. Subsequently the bill is sent to the Client.

3.2. Whilst paying for the order the Client can choose suitable way of paying: bank transfer payment. The Client affirms the order by paying 100% of the sum of the good.

3.3. Contract of sale is considered finished and the order is processed straight after the Client has paid 100% of the confirmation or of prepay according to the bill, unless it is confirmed otherwise


4.      Transport and delivery of the goods

4.1. The time of delivery promised on the good valid if 100% of the sum of the good is paid at the same day as it is ordered. The time will be postponed as long as the payment delays.

4.2. It is compulsory for marmenoutlet.ee to inform the Client as soon as possible if the time of the delivery has changed.

4.3. After the order has been delivered and arranged accordingly to the storage of marmenoutlet.ee, the carrier will deliver to the address agreed upon.

4.4. It is compulsory for the Client to inform marmenoutlet.ee of the changes in the destination or time of delivery before handing over. 

4.5. There might be delays and the misunderstandings in the delivery of the good if the information given while ordering is inaccurate. Marmenoutlet.ee and the transport company are not responsible for the delay and the misunderstanding, if they are caused by the inaccurate information given while ordering.

4.6. The goods are given in exchange of a Bill of Delivery. Before signing the Bill of Delivery, it is suggested by marmenoutlet.ee to look over the package. If any damages are detected it is advised not to accept the package.

4.7. Damaged package must be returned to the carrier and send the information to info@marmenoutlet.ee.

4.8. If transport is written in the contract, the contract will end as the good is given to the Client or the Client is not on time.


5.      Cancelling the order or returning the good

5.1. According VÕS §-le 56 lg 1, the Client has right to back down from the contact 14 days after the delivery. Within this time the Client must inform the salesperson of the decision. The good must be returned according to VÕS §-le 56 lg 1, immediately and not later than 30 days after informing the salesperson of the withdrawal.

5.2 The returned good cannot be used and in the original package with the statement of withdrawal.

5.3 Statement of withdrawal needs to consist of the order code, the bank account number, where the Client wishes the money to be returned.

5.4. The prepaid sum will be returned to the Client’s bank account by the time set by the law after informing through info@marmenoutlet.ee (30 days after the statement is made), if the good is returned to the storage of marmenoutlet.ee during that time.

5.5. The costs created by returning of the good are paid by the Client and the sum is set up by the law, except p. 5.6.

5.6. Marmenoutlet.ee will pay for the costs created by returning of the good, if the good is damaged or if it is not the one the Client ordered. According to VÕS §-le 220 lg 1 the Client must notify the salesman about the mistaken good within two months.

5.7. If the returned good was damaged due to the Client’s wrong usage of the good or is Client’s fault, marmenoutlet.ee has the right to not to repay or reduce the sum paid back for the good or the transport costs. If the Client does not accept the reduced sum, he/she has the right to ask an independent expert’s opinion.

To return a good the Client ought to send a report to info@marmenoutlet.ee. The report should consist of the Client’s name, order code, the good returned. The report could also consist, but does not have to, the product they wish to exchange with, bank account number, if the account has changed since the good was bought.

5.8. If the Client would not like the product after the time of the delivery is extended. The salesman should be informed through info@marmenoutlet.ee.

5.9. Marmenoutlet.ee has the right to cancel the Client’s order if the product ordered has finished in the storage and the Client would not like the exchange product offered by marmenoutlet.ee.


6.      The time and the rules of the pretension

6.1. According to the Law of Obligation Act the Client has the right to make pretensions within 2 years after the delivery of the product. If the defect is seen the first 6 months after the delivery, it is assumed that it was present when the product was bought and the salesman has to examine the characteristics of the defect.

6.2. If a defect is noticed, the Client must inform marmenoutlet.ee through info@marmenoutlet.ee. The email should consist of a name and contacts, a description of the defect and if possible a photo and the order code. The claim has to be sent within 2 months after discovering the defect. If the deadline is missed with no valid reason, the Client loses the right to repair the product with no charge.

6.3. Marmenoutlet.ee must send a written answer to the Client within 14 days after the submission of the pretension.

6.4. If the defect is technological, the Client has the right to insist on the reparation or replacement.

6.5. For the replacement of the defective product, marmenoutlet.ee has the right to demand the product to be returned. Marmenoutlet.ee will compensate the costs of replacement and fixing of the product. If a Client demands the product to be repaired, however marmenoutlet.ee does not do that within a reasonable time frame. The Client has the right to fix the product himself/herself and marmenoutlet.ee has to compensate a reasonable costs that occurred.

6.6. If the product cannot be fixed or replaced or if e-fashion.ee unjustifiably refuses to fix or repair it or does not do it within a reasonable time frame or if the fixing or repairing process causes unjustifiable discomforts to the Client, then the Client has the right to demand for the money to be returned.

6.7. Marmenoutlet.ee is not responsible:

  • If the Client is responsible for damaging the product
  • If the defect is caused by misuse of the product
  • If the product naturally is worn out by a common use


7.      Liability and Force Majeure

7.1. If marmenoutlet.ee violates the terms and conditions set in this Conditions of Sale, the extent and the fine are decided according to the laws set by the Republic of Estonia.

7.2. If the Client violates the terms and conditions set in this Conditions of Sale, the extent and the fine are decided according to the laws set by the Republic of Estonia.

7.3. If the violation of the terms and conditions of the Conditions of Sale is due to the force majeure, neither the Client nor marmentoutlet.ee are responsible.

7.4. Marmenoutlet.ee does not compensate for the moral damage caused by the changes of delivery times, prices and other terms under these conditions.

7.5. Marmenoutlet.ee does not compensate the costs arising from the fact that the Client has obligation against the terms and conditions in this document.  

7.6. Marmenoutlet.ee does not compensate if the opportunities given in this documents are not exploited when there are changes in delivery time, prices and other terms.


8.      Other conditions

8.1. The information given by the Client is only used to carry out the order. Marmenoutlet.ee will not publish the information given to a third person, except if the law or the conditions state otherwise.

8.2. The issues that are not covered in this document, the Client and marmenoutlet.ee have to act by the laws set by the Republic of Estonia.

8.3. Disagreements about the terms and conditions are mainly solved through negotiation. If the disagreements cannot be resolved through negotiations, the Client has the right to ask for legal protection from Consumer Protection Board or to the Court. Marmenoutlet.ee has the right to turn to the Court.


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